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Ajumma Saerin: The Happy Yogi Lawyer - Yes, It's Possible!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Ajumma Saerin puts the hip into our hip hop routines. She’s a proud member of Ajumma EXP with the prowess of a lawyer, grace of a yogi, and circus juggler as mommy of two young children.


I am a Korean American woman born and raised in Seoul, a proud wife of a Korean American veteran man, and a doting mama of two little humans who changed the way I live.  I value time.  Time alone and time with those I cherish.  My love language is quality time.

As a little girl in Korea, I was both academically and artistically inclined.  School work was a responsibility I took care of so that I could do all the things that made my heart sing - art, piano, dancing, and singing!  Quiet but surprisingly bold and confident, I performed at my kindergarten graduation without telling anyone in my family beforehand that I was going to perform.  I don't recall what I said or sang that day, but I'm glad to have this photo to capture that little audacious girl.

Moving to America (to Minnesota) at 13 without my parents and living with an American host family helped me become even more independent, confident, and audacious.  I mean, have you been to Minnesota in the dead of winter?  Yikes!  My teenage years were lovely and I'd change absolutely nothing.  But when the snow storm hit in May, I made the final decision to attend college in California.  Plus, Montell Jordan kept singing about how things are done in California.  I just had to move!

By profession, I'm a lawyer.  I was an obedient daughter who went to law school because I was told I was smart and that I should become a lawyer.  So I did.  And you know what?  To my surprise, I have practiced for more than a decade and most of it has been quite enjoyable!  What I enjoyed the most about law school were the friends I made.  What I enjoyed the most about the California Bar Exam were the wine with said friends when we weren't studying (or were we?) and the post-bar trip to the Dominican Republic.  What I enjoy about the practice of law is helping others identify the best solutions to fit their needs.  It requires diligence, organization, and creativity.

Another passion of mine is yoga.  I discovered yoga sort of accidentally and it has been a long time love affair.  After I became a mom, I had lost myself and the journey to rediscover myself led me to a really high-quality yoga teacher training in San Francisco.  I became a certified yoga teacher as well as a certified prenatal yoga teacher.  I teach in a very patient and loving way, because yoga isn't about athleticism or competition.  I offered public classes at a local studio for years, but now I teach at special events and retreats only.  I especially enjoy sharing yoga with moms and supporting women during the most transformative years of their lives.  You can email me at if you are interested in joining my mailing list.

In addition to singing at my kindergarten graduation, my soloist portfolio includes a singing competition that landed me on the national radio in third grade, musicals, weddings, and a Samsung event with about 2,000 people.  My choral portfolio includes the Minnesota All-State Choir and the San Diego Master Chorale performing with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.  But these days, my biggest fans are my babies when I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in English and then in Korean. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


To me, being an ajumma means you are a fearless warrior who tackles anything and everything.  You are true to yourself, real, not weighed down by the invisible pressure to look or act in a certain, expected way.  You do you, with pride and love.  It also means you are in service of others you cherish and you know when to relax and have fun!

Being a part of the Ajumma EXP is a true honor.  When life is filled with scrambling, juggling, and seemingly endless overwhelm, Ajumma EXP gifted me an opportunity to say yes, be silly, have fun, and most importantly, connect with awesome and inspiring sisters.  These women uplift and celebrate each other in every way.  We eat delicious homemade food and laugh a lot together.  I cried laughing the last time we had dinner together.  To be honest, the flash mob is what you see.  But it's the cherry on top, with so much awesomeness underneath it.


I am deeply intuitive, which has helped me connect with myself and with other people. Also, I have a great ability to lose myself in the present moment and hence, lose all sense of time and place. This characteristic of mine was not always a "great" ability or "super power", but it sure is when you are a mom to young children! Does my ability to grow hair super fast count?


My lonely, sad, and depressing childhood.  I'll spare you the lonely, sad, and depressing details.  But I will tell you that my experience motivates me every day to live life to the fullest and also gift our children the type of childhood they can cherish for the rest of their lives.


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."  George Eliot.  We often blame the past and the other people for where we land and where we think we are going.  But it's never too late to pause, reset, plan, and change the course.


Facebook and Redfin. I love keeping in touch with friends from all over the world and looking at photos of their trips, fur babies, and human babies on Facebook. I am fascinated with homes. Before kids, I visited many open houses. Since kids, I visit them virtually on Redfin.


Kimbop. A childhood favorite turned into an ajumma favorite.

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