Our mission is to create a fun platform to educate and entertain the world about the Ajumma, and in doing so, celebrate all middle-aged women. 

What is an Ajumma, you ask?  Aigoo!  Read here


Ajumma Instigators

SONIA CHIN is a proud soccer mom, a wife, and a corporate CPA.  She immigrated to Michigan from Seoul, South Korea, was raised in SoCal, and resides in San Diego. She worked for Arthur Andersen, Shea Homes, and Point Loma Nazarene University in the area of finance and accounting.    Growing up without siblings, Sonia found sisterhood in the many ajumma friends who have become lifelong sisters.


Born in Seoul and raised in Chicago, LEE ANN KIM is a first-generation Korean American mom, who now calls San Diego her home.  Lee Ann worked as a television news journalist in multiple states (including Alabama!) before starting the San Diego Asian Film Festival and its presenting nonprofit organization, Pacific Arts Movement.  She is the oldest of 4 ajummas, and learned her ajumma ways from a devoted mother.

Logo Creator

Ji Sub Jeong is an award-winning Korean Canadian illustrator and a multimedia producer. His work has been featured on  HuffPost, CNN, AI&AP, Button Poetry, Dark Beauty Magazine, AsAm News, and multiple film festivals around the U.S. See more of his work here